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Starting point: Leutasch Kreithalm
Finishing point: Leutasch Kreithalm
Ascent140 m
Highest point1,226 m
Route distance9.0 km
Walking time / total04:00 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent02:00 hh:mm
Level of difficulty

Elevation profile


Route: Leutasch / Chapel Kreithkapelle – Neuleutasch – Inn Gasthof Triendlsäge – Seefeld - Leutasch

At the Kreithalm, follow the trail to your left, uphill past the turnoff to the Wurzelsteig track until you reach the road that joins Leutasch and Seefeld. After crossing the road, follow the road Bodenstraße to your left a short distance before turning right back onto the walking trail towards Neuleutasch crossing the road again. Follow this trail until you reach Unterkelle where you have to cross the road once more before descending to the inn Gasthof Triendlsäge. From here there are several routes to Seefeld – for example, following the road to the Birkenlift ski-lift or following the trail to Unterseefeld. On the same path back to your starting point.


Partly cloudy

Today - 07/10/2020 Quite sunny with scattered clouds during the day, but a chance of thunderstorms towards evening. 10° / 27° C

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