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Starting point: Zentrum Mösern
Finishing point: Möserer See
Ascent 66 m
Highest point 1,271 m
Route distance 0.6 km
Walking time / total 00:45 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent 0:0 hh:mm
Level of difficulty

Elevation profile

The Kalvarienberg is located to the north of the church. On this hill, a semicircular building with
an open, triangular gable, accommodates the Crucification Group dating from around 1830: Jesus
Christ on the cross with the two thieves, Mary, St. John and Mary Magdalene appear as
supporting figures painted on wooden panels and presumably date from before the carving. The
frescos painted in the style of Leopold Puellacher depict God the Father encompassed by clouds
looking down on Jerusalem. The narrow, winding path leading to the Kalvarienberg originally contained
eight station chapels in the form of wayside shrines, which were increased to 11 in 1989.
Various local families maintain the chapels according to regulations agreed on 1 June 1841. In
1988 / 89, the inhabitants of Mösern helped restore the Kalvarienberg in a great communal effort
by working uncountable hours and with each family making substantial financial donations. Three
chapels were added to the path leading to the Kalvarienberg. The first containing a Nazarene
painting, 'Christ’s Farewell', by Maria Theresia Striegl dated 1899. The following chapels hold
paintings by Prof. Heinrich with scenes from the passion. The old, existing frescoes were retained,
and the paintings on asbestos-cement sliding from the individual stations were transferred to the
foreground. By autumn 2007, the path up to the Kalvarienberg will also have been improved and
will have been linked to the Peace Bell Walk and the centre of Mösern. The Kalvarienberg is also
recorded in the EU atlas of Europe‘s Holy Mountains.