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Leutasch Ahrn-Burggraben-Ahrn

Leutasch Ahrn-Burggraben-Ahrn

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Starting point: Leutasch Ahrn
Finishing point: Leutasch Ahrn
Ascent 100 m
Highest point 1,109 m
Route distance 14.6 km
Walking time / total 03:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent 01:30 hh:mm
Level of difficulty easy

Huts & Mountain Pastures



Elevation profile


Route: Leutasch Ahrn - Puitbach - Reindlau - Lochlehn - Burggraben - Gasthof Mühle - Gasthof Brücke - return

At the bridge in Ahrn, follow the forest road on your left, pass the individual hamlets, the forest edge and the glass-clear river to the Gasthof Mühle in Unterleutasch / Burggraben. From here, turn left along the road to the Gasthof Brücke, turn left onto the hiking trail and back to the starting point.