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Moos-Katzenloch-Buchen (no. 24)

Moos-Katzenloch-Buchen (no. 24)

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Starting point:
Finishing point:
Ascent 130 m
Highest point 1,277 m
Route distance 3.5 km
Walking time / total 01:00 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent 0:0 hh:mm
Level of difficulty


Elevation profile


Starting from the main road in the area of Moos walk past Haus Isabella (house no. 8) and up the slight incline that leads on through Katzenloch to Buchen.
Walking time: approx. 1 hour
Level of difficulty: easy
From Buchen you can, if you want, continue your walk along the Schlagweg-Rautgatter-Wildmoos Alm route (no. 27, no. 3) or along the Schlagweg-Muggenmoosalm-Ostbachbrücke route (left no. 27, no. 3).