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Roller-ski circuit and summer biathlon

Seefeld boasts around 3,6 kilometre-long and 3-metre-wide roller skiing circuit which can be modified in length and elevation. Thanks to the resulting variety of levels of difficulty, it offers ideal endurance training conditions for professional athletes. The fact that the roller-ski circuit leads right past the biathlon facilities makes Seefeld a second-to-none location for biathlon training during the summer months. But the roller-ski circuit is not only suitable for endurance athletes. Amateur sports enthusiasts, beginners and even children can enjoy the use of this unique sports facility and test their stamina at their leisure (in one direction only!). The entrance to the roller-ski circuit is located in the World Championship Arena, Seefeld, right next to the Toni Seelos ski jumps. The route then leads through the scenically beautiful Möserertal valley.

Adults: € 7.00
Children up to 15 years: free

Groups must register in advance in order to arrange training times and for invoicing purposes. No reservations are required for individual people who want to use the roller-ski circuit. The ticket or usage fee must be paid to Sport Norz in Seefeld. Regular checks must also be expected on the scooter ski track. Holders of an annual cross-country skiing and roller-ski pass are kindly requested to always bring their pass with them to avoid any misunderstandings. Tickets/passes are checked on a daily basis.