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Our 11 tipps for the perfekt skiing holiday with the hole family


  1. Plan your ski holiday carefully

Meticulous planning is the key to a relaxed, enjoyable winter holiday with the whole family. The earlier you inform yourself about possible Alpine destinations, the better the chances of finding the perfect holiday to suit your needs and wishes. You don’t have to take any hurried decisions and stress doesn’t stand a chance. Early planning also includes taking time to select suitable skiing gear.

  1. Select a family-friendly ski resort

Every member of the family should be able to look forward to their break and, therefore, your holiday should also be geared to suit the ages of your children. Family-friendly ski areas offer a great advantage combining winter sports with loads of fun for kids including professional supervision. That way you, as parents, can also enjoy a spot of well-earned relaxation.

  1. Take advantage of special offers for children

Find out about special offers for children and enquire about kids’ activity programmes. Thanks to our family-friendly ski areas, we also offer special discounts for children (e.g. holiday guests’ children enjoy free use of the ski bus and they can also, up to the age of 15, use the cross-country ski tracks at no extra charge).

  1. Try out our ‘Kinderland’ areas specially for children

From Birky’s Wonderland and Sporti’s Kinderland to snowtubing hills – here in the Region Seefeld your children can choose from a vast array of activities and enjoy their very own practice slopes. Here children can just be children; they can have fun to their hearts’ content and spend their days with lots of other kids. Boredom doesn’t stand a chance!

  1. Book family-friendly accommodation

Remember your children want to feel welcome and well-catered for too in their holiday accommodation. So inform yourself about the accommodation of your choice in advance. That way you can be sure of smiling faces during your holiday.


  1. Ensure you have properly-fitting skiing gear

Have your children perhaps grown out of last year’s skiing equipment? And maybe you don’t want to have to buy another full set of gear. If that’s the case, then the Region Seefeld is the place for you! With a wide choice of sports shops offering ski rental with expert advice and service, all family members, even the youngest ones, can be sure of having the perfect skiing equipment.

  1. Get professional advice  

What do you need if you want to enjoy worry-free and, above all, safe skiing with the whole family? Ask the experts in the region’s sports shops. They know exactly what you and your children require!

  1. Make sure you’re all protected

Kids love fun and actin on the ski slopes – and sometimes they overestimate their abilities. So you need to make sure they’re as safe as they can possibly be. A perfectly fitting helmet for all family members is an absolute must for a ski holiday with peace of mind.

  1. Make use of the ski schools for children over the age of three  

Do your kids want to learn to ski or try out snowboarding? Thanks to the region’s ski schools, that’s no problem at all! Children can learn winter sports from professional instructors in a (small) group or on a one-to-one basis.

  1. Ensure lots of variety

What should you do if your children suddenly get bored of skiing? That can really put a damper on everyone’s mood! To keep your kids happy offer some fun alternatives, such as tobogganing, ice skating, swimming or curling.


11. Go through your holiday checklist

Is your ski holiday just around the corner? Then it’s high time to pack your suitcases! A checklist is an essential part of preparation. It helps you to remember everything you need to take and to think about what you might still need to get. That way you can be sure of having everything with you for a perfect ski holiday in the Region Seefeld