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"Ice Age Trail’" to the Brunschkopf mountain

"Ice Age Trail’" to the Brunschkopf mountain

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Point de départ : lac Möserer See
Point d'arrivée : Brunschkopf
Montée300 m
Point le plus élevé1.498 m
Longueur du parcours3,5 km
Durée de la marche / totale02:00 hh:mm
Durée de la marche / montée02:00 hh:mm

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ROUTE: Mösern Lake Möserer See Hintereben, track nr. 60 branch (left, track nr. 61) up to Möserer Höhe Panoramatrail to the Brunschkopf mountain. 

The Ice Age Trail in Mösern showcases the effects of the ice age on the landscape formation of the Seefeld high plateau. Viewing points offer information presentations and interactive elements as well as 3-D simulations in order to explain such phenomena as glaciation, glacier power, ice height, glacial runoff, glacial polish, foundlings etc. The 3 existing viewpoints on Brunschkopf Mountain offer a supreme view of the Olympiaregion and do an excellent job of showing the glacier’s work over almost 1 million years. 10 stops of interest have been created, starting at the ascent path from Mösern to the Möserer See lake and following the ice-age development chronologically all the way to the end point at the summit of Brunschkopf Mountain.

Stops of interests:
· Glacier water, glacial river
· Glacial halt, kettle holes
· Glacial transport
· Glacial stream – prehistoric rivers under the glacier
· Glacial power
· Glacier workshop
· Glacier pressure
· Glacial change
· Glacier grotto
· Glacial polish