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Reflection Path beHUMAN in Leutasch

Reflection Path beHUMAN in Leutasch

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Point de départ : Gasthof Birkegg Leutasch
Point d'arrivée : Gasthof Birkegg Leutasch
Montée 50 m
Point le plus élevé 1.187 m
Longueur du parcours 2,7 km
Durée de la marche / totale 01:00 hh:mm
Durée de la marche / montée 0:0 hh:mm


Profil d'altitude


Route: Gasthof Birkegg – Oberer Wiesenweg – Plaik – Unterer Wiesenweg – Gasthof Birkegg
Walking time: Just for walking (without stops to read the signs with descriptions) 1 hour

The “opening place“ of the “reflection path“ beHUMAN is situated upon the inn Birkegg in Kirchplatzl and its basic theme is the “human”. The human stands with his feeds on the ground and keeps his head up. With extended arms he builds a cross. The topic of the four main stations of the path is “up and down”, “right and left”. If you follow the way you reach soon the station “up”, where you can see the “Himmelspfeil” (arrow to the sky). Along the path “Oberer Wiesenweg” after a small walk and a turn to the left side Plaik you come to the second station “left” where the “Herzlbaum” (heart tree) is waiting for you. Follow the trail to the next station “right” - there you find the “Lochstein” (stone with a hole). “Down”, which is the last of the four main stations, is also located on the “Unterer Wiesenweg” where you find the “Erfolgsleiter” (ladder of success). After walking on for a little while you find the “final place” where the “Plauderbank” (smalltalk bank) is waiting for a little break until you finally reach the “Jausenstation” (a table and a bank) where a snack can be eaten before returning to the starting point above the Inn Birkegg.