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Seefeld Ski Trail

Seefeld Ski Trail

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Point de départ : Seefeld l'église Seekirchl
Point d'arrivée : Seefeld église Seekirchl
Montée 342 m
Point le plus élevé 1.490 m
Longueur du parcours 8,8 km
Durée de la marche / totale 03:30 hh:mm
Durée de la marche / montée 02:00 hh:mm


Profil d'altitude


ROUTE: Seefeld-Seekirchl-Seefeld
Hörmannweg to Köhlerbödele Brunschkopf- high-altitude trail to the Blattsteig track Blattsteig track via the clearing on the southern slopes of Brunschkopf Mountain. On the same path back to the starting point.

Boasting no fewer than 10 interesting stops, the Seefeld Ski Trail leads from Seefeld Seekirchl to the summit of Brunschkopf Mountain. Hikers follow the cultural and historical development of Nordic skiing in chronological order, starting with the FIS championships in 1933, both Olympic Games (1964 & 1976), the 1985 World Championships and many others beside, all the way to the presentation of the 2019 Nordic World Championships on the summit.

The beginnings of Nordic skiing
• Olympic Games 1964
• Olympic Games 1976
• Crank projector with historical pictures
• The farmer of the Olympiaregion Seefeld
• 1985 World Championships
• Martin Tauber
• Toni Seelos
• Ski-jumping and the development of the ski jump record at the Seefeld ski jump as a trail
• Modern-day skiing
• The winners’ podium

Besides the historical showpieces the stations also offer exercise elements relating to cross-country and Alpine skiing. Children can enjoy the specially constructed, ski-themed fitness course, which is set approximately half way along the trail.