Autosport Club Seefeld

In the beginning there is the idea of bringing motor sport more into the public eye. On 15 June 1968, 11 men founded the club Autosport Seefeld, or ASS for short, in the "Habhof" in Möser. The founding fathers of the club are: Gerhard Wanner, Freerk Genelin, Helmut Isser, Wenedlin Tauber, who are all still active members of the club. Unfortunately, the founders Rudolf Hueber sen. are no longer represented in the club. (died 2005), Hans Piegger (accident 1968) as well as Herbert Schatz, Ing. Gerhard Schiffer, Herbert Gallop, Reiner Schneider and Siegfried Wackerle, who all left the ASS in the meantime. Already in its founding year, Autosport Seefeld organizes a club championship and some club members successfully take part in several rallies. By the end of the founding year, the ASS already has 24 members. The club takes up the drive to strengthen the motor sport.