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Soap has been produced in the Salzkammergut for centuries. The BENEDIKTINER SEIFENMANUFAKTUR has taken up this ancient tradition again years ago. In the course of time, the range of products has become more and more diversified and the possibilities of choice have increased. In the beginning there was only cold-stirred curd soap, later olive soap and cold-pressed calendula soap were added, until finally a variety of playful models of glycerine soaps completed the range. But that you can do more with soap than just wash and care for yourself is proven time and again by manufactory with new creative ideas on how to process soap and make it a nice gift idea. As the demand was growing, the company decided to expand. Two shops in Seefeld and Hallstatt were added to the main business in St.Wolfgang. The offered goods are lovingly handmade in our manufactory in St.Wolfgang. Handmade natural soaps are produced from vegetable oils and butter, as well as fruit and herbal extracts.

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