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My name is Ferdinand Schot and I am 26 years old. I attended the Secondary School for Tourism in Zell am Ziller and I am a qualified beekeeper. Together with my girlfriend Ramona, I have been doing beekeeping for several years now with a lot of passion and have turned my hobby into my profession.
It all started with my former chef and beekeeper friend Hans-Peter Braunhofer. His fascination for bees and nature captivated me and I couldn't let go. So I started beekeeping myself. In this sense I would like to thank my family, partners and all my friends who support me so energetically.
It is close to my heart that I can give more back to nature through my work than I take from it. This is of course mainly ensured by the pollination performance. But I also try to make the operational processes as bio- and ecological as possible.
Unfortunately, beekeeping has deteriorated dramatically in recent years and you hear a lot about large bee losses. This is even more a reason for me not to stand idly by but to fight against it with all my strength and to make people aware of the importance of the honey bee.


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