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Große Ahrnspitze Summit, 2,196m / Trail nos. 21, 20, 18

Route: Scharnitz – Porta Claudia Fortress Ruins – Ahrnsattel – Summit Ahrnspitze - Hoher Sattel
(High Saddle)
Walking time: approx. 6 hours
Starting at the north end of Scharnitz, behind the former customs office, cross over the Isar
bridge and turn right, passing underneath the Porta Claudia fortress, up the Ahrnsattel flank into
the Hasellähne basin. Continue up the steep, winding track (21) to the Unterstandhütte hut (no
refreshments available). From there continue to climb up the track, with fixed ropes in some areas,
to the summit of the Große Ahrnspitze (Alpine experience required). Your reward is an extraordinarily
beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Coming down from the summit, use the same
route to begin with. Afterwards you can opt to take path no. 20 via the area known as the Brunst
(an area with no vegetation, burnt due to carelessness) to the Hoher Sattel (High Saddle). Take
into consideration however, that this area can become very hot during fine weather due to lack of
tree cover. From the Hoher Sattel follow the Nordalpenweg path on the left via the Sattelstiege (18)
down to the forest track which runs along the left bank of the Gießenbach stream back to Scharnitz.
The marked trail from the Hoher Sattel to the Ahrnplattenspitze summit is only recommended
for very experienced Alpine hikers!