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The Calvary Hill rises to the north of the church.
Built around 1830, the semi-circular construction
with triangular pediment houses a Calvary
scene: Christ on the cross with the two thieves
and the attendant figure of Mary. The painted
two-dimensional figures of John the Evangelist
and Mary Magdalene are probably somewhat
older than the three-dimensional sculpted group.
The frescoes, in the style of Leopold Puellacher,
depict Jerusalem and, in the clouds above the city,
God the Father. Originally there were 8 wayside
shrine-like chapels along the narrow, winding
path that leads up to the Calvary - since 1989
there have been 11. On 1 June 1841, it was
put in writing that the families from the village
would take care of the maintenance of the little
chapel. In 1988/89, the inhabitants of Mösern
collaborated to restore the Calvary, making both
personal financial sacrifices and investing a great
deal of the time and hard work in the process.
Three new chapels were created along the path
that leads up to the Calvary. A Nazarene picture
by Maria Theresia Striegel, ‘Der Abschied Christi’
(Christ taking leave of his Mother), from 1899
hangs in the first chapel.
Pictures with scenes depicting the Passion can
be found in the chapels that follow. Here the
old existing frescos still remain and the Stations
of the Cross pictures, which are painted on fibre
cement, have been placed in front. The extension
to the path up to the Calvary was completed by
the autumn of 2007 and the path was connected
to the Peace Bell Walk and to the centre of
Mösern. Ten Stations of the Cross lead from
the village centre to the vicinity of the Möserer
See lake. The path meanders out of the village
offering a breathtaking vista and, although it
ends in the middle of the woods, it nonetheless
offers a liberating view. The Calvary is furthermore
commemorated in the ‘Atlas of Sacred European
Mounts’. Detailed descriptions can be found in
the Hiking and Culture Guide which is available
in all the information offices in the Olympiaregion
Seefeld at a cost of € 3.00. Further information is
also available at