Kneipp Facilities at the Salzbach

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At the Leutasch hikers' parking lot (P4) for the ascent to the Gaistal alpine paradise lies the idyllic Salzbach natural tip. Deep in the Wetterstein Mountains, the turquoise-blue mountain stream rises and flows into the Leutascher Ache only a little further on. Between the parking lots P4 and P5, the course of the Salzbach feeds a small Kneipp facility in the forest.

More than a hundred years ago, the priest, naturopath and hydrotherapist Sebastian Anton Kneipp developed the beneficial cold water cure from folk healing experiences and findings from monastery medicine. Properly applied, Kneipp walks stimulate circulation, promote circulation and metabolism, tighten connective tissue, strengthen the immune system, calm breathing and awaken the spirits.

The cool Kneipp cure unfolds its regenerative and refreshing effect best when treading water after a hike and then alternates with regular recovery phases. For this purpose, the Kneipp facility Salzbach offers not only arm immersion basins, water treading facilities and foot reflexology barefoot paths, but also shady seating and lounging options.

The correct application of the traditional Kneipp walks is also clearly explained and described on information boards on site. A small water play path with various stations makes the healthy Kneipp experience interesting for kids as well and provides interesting information on the subject of water.


Parkplatz Salzbach / Gaistal
Klamm 2 / im Gaistal


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