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“Mental-Power Trail” - Hiking on the “Promenades” of the Olympiaregion Seefeld

HIKING TIME: approx. 3 - 3,5 hours
ROUTE: Information office in Leutasch Weidach direction
Oberweidach, branch Wildmoos lift Kreithlift
track to the local state road Fludertal Valley
Kaserwald Forest Wildmoosalm Blattsteig track
Brunschkopf Mountain

Experience a hike to your own inner self on the Mental
Power Trail in Leutasch-Brunschkopf - the ultimate
well-being for your mind and your soul as the basis for
physical health. The trail from Leutasch-Weidach leads
through the glorious Fludertal Valley to Wildmoosalm
and on to the summit of Brunschkopf Mountain.
The Mental Power Trail offers peace and tranquility: you can
slow down your pace, escape the hectic speed of everyday
life, recharge your batteries and gather strength from the
unique natural beauty of the Seefeld plateau.
Hiking through the meadow valleys, the forests and the
high plateaus, stopping at the resting points to observe,
listen and enjoy the silence, give you the chance to discover
your own, individual inner balance. The stopping
points are located at selected positions each with their
own unique energy-giving properties. The 4 elements -
fire, earth, water and air - also play a key role. After all
they have, since time immemorial, formed the basis for
a healthy, happy life, providing the ideal requisites for
invigorating exercise and optimum performance.
The 12 stops have been designed as energy-giving places
of peace with creative and innovative seating. Each place
of spiritual energy is marked with a wooden flag that
indicates both the topic of the station and the spiritual
· Place of strength for consciousness and grounding
· The gaze into the distance - the power of perception
· Relax, generate - the power of order
· The power of colours
· The power of wellbeing and warmth
· The power of polarity
· The power of the centre - balance within imbalance
· The power of peace and life forces
· The power of the 4 elements
· The power of reversal, the power of farewells
· The power of overcoming
· Achieving the summit - reaching for the sky

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