Museum "Holzerhütte"

Closed today

The historical wooden hut originates from the nearby Gleirschtal valley in the Karwendel Nature Park and previously served as a home for loggers. Today it houses a modern exhibition on the use of wood, both historical and in the present day, on the lives and work of the loggers in days gone by and today, on ecological networking and, of course, the natural diversity of mountain forests.

The new location of the Loggers’ Hut Museum is likewise steeped in history. The ‘Länd’ area in which it is set, takes its name from the word ‘Anlanden’, that is the bringing ashore of the wood that the loggers floated along the Gleirschbach stream and River Isar. At that time the Isar was dammed here to create a shallow lake surrounded by a large store of timber. The loggers’ hut was originally built in 1913 in the Gleirschtal valley.

A local master carpenter, Alois Seelos from Scharnitz, purchased the hut just shortly before it was set to be demolished and it was re-built in the Länd. The museum is open to visitors during the opening hours of Scharnitz Information Office (as advertisedin resort). Guided tours for groups are available on request.