Rasler's Laden/Smokehouse

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The shop has been family owned for about 150 years, we offer regional products from nature and our own agriculture in our farm.
We have been producing bacon for several generations, the production has not changed until today.

All our homemade products are produced by us gently, traditionally and with natural ingredients, without chemicals and flavour enhancers.

We live and work all year round from and in nature. Over many years, inherited and own knowledge has accumulated that we use. We keep bees, they give us wonderful honey. We collect all kinds of wild herbs and fruits and make our own herbal tea, prepare liqueurs, distill schnapps, boil juices and make different spice mixtures for bacon, sausages, fish and roast pork.

Especially popular are products from our own smokehouse (smoked salmon). In the old traditional way, various pieces of meat are still rubbed by hand with a special spice mixture and placed in wooden barrels. After 4-6 weeks the cured meat is hung up, then air-dried and cold-smoked. After several months of maturing, our bacon is ready for sale. We also smoke chimney sausages, fillets, lamb and venison ham.


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