Woodland play area by the lake, the Möserer See

Closed today

The woodland play area is just a few metres from the lake, the Möserer See, and the restaurant, the Möserer Seestub’n. At around 1,500 square metres, this large children’s playground has plenty to offer in the way of fun and games. There is a little wooden house with a slide, various climbing structures, a big sand pit with a digger, a tunnel where you can crawl around on all fours, two bouncy toy animals, a basket swing – big enough for adults too – and various parcours elements for young and old to practise their coordination and balancing skills. There is even a friendly wooden lizard in the clearing for little children to pet and climb on top of.

Nature and sustainability are important at the woodland play area and it is made up almost exclusively of wooden elements. There is also a thick covering of cushioning bark mulch for safety purposes. And if you need a bit of a rest from all that playing, you can enjoy an ice-cream or some other refreshment on the cozy sun terrace at the nearby Möserer Seestub’n restaurant by the lake.


Abenteuerspielplatz Mösern "Natur Pur"
Abenteuerspielplatz Mösern "Naur Pur"



Today - 10/21/2021 Starting mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain. Sunny spells developing towards evening. 4° / 13° C

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