WSC-Tower 2019

As part of the second FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2019, an impressive architectural landmark was created in the Seefeld WM-Arena with the impressive media tower. Inspired by the traditional construction of wooden hunter's high seats and the gable constructions of historic farmhouses, the World Cup Tower is a masterstroke of alpine craftsmanship: Built using modern carpentry techniques, with three fully glazed outer walls for a generous view of the competition arena.

For sporting events, the 15-metre-high observation tower functions as a command centre for competition management, announcers, timekeepers, adjudicators and the ongoing reporting of the media representatives present. The World Championships Tower also serves as a viewing platform for interested visitors away from the sports facilities: A freely accessible staircase leads to an expansive roof terrace with a telescope from the Tyrolean company Swarovski - for crystal-clear panoramic views of the surrounding Alpine scenery.