The World Championships Tower that majestically soars over the WSC Arena in Seefeld  was built in the course of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and is intended to send a sustainable, lasting and visible signal to the sporting world. Used for the first time at the World Championships, the two-storey, 15 m high tower also serves as the centre for race control, announcers and timekeeping at future events. This fulfils the basic idea of sustainable use.



Inspired by the architecture of the wooden hunter's high seats in the forest and the gable walls of old alpine farmhouses, this tower creates a completely new ensemble. For the arena in Seefeld, a new interpretation of authentic and well-known construction methods is being created. The implementation is carried out using contemporary carpentry techniques and thus reflects the craftsmanship of building in the Alps. The rooms in the tower have three glazed outer walls, allowing a generous view of the competition arena.


Viewing platform for all visitors

Completely new panoramic views await all interested visitors: a publicly accessible staircase leads up to the roof to a viewing platform. From there, the impressive panorama through the Möserer Tal valley to the mountain Hocheder, further over the summit of the Hohe Munde and the Wetterstein Mountains to the Karwendel can be viewed in detail with a telescope from the Skwarovski company.