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SDG 13

SDG 13

Climate protection

SDG 13 "Climate action" addresses both mitigation and adaptation strategies. We primarily include projects that are intended to contribute to mitigation through the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Arrival & mobility

If you travel shorter, you have a longer holiday! The journey to the Region Seefeld is short and quick, so you simply get more out of your holiday. More relaxation, more mountains and more time for what is really important. Whether by train or in your own car. The sunny high plateau presents itself in a prime location, the proximity to the German border makes the Region Seefeld the first address for guests from the Bavarian region. At the world's highest ICE train station, which is open all year round, trains not only arrive regularly from Munich and Innsbruck, but you can also travel comfortably to Seefeld from Hamburg. If you take the night train to the mountains, you can even dream yourself on holiday from home. Click here for the ICE direct connections from Germany.

Travelling to the Seefeld region: Relaxed travel with the ICE

Climate-friendly energy


Genuine green electricity

In order not to mislead with green electricity, we strive to use 100% genuine green electricity from photovoltaics, wind power or small hydroelectric power. In addition, the tourism association focuses on the expansion of PV systems in the sunny Region Seefeld. Synergies with SDG 7 (Energy), SDG 9 (Infrastructure)

Carbon footprint

In order to make climate protection possible in a business, you first have to know what you are doing to harm the climate. With a carbon footprint survey, as suggested by the tourism association, one learns about the levers for a more climate-friendly operation and can implement concrete changes. Synergies with SDG 7 (Energy), SDG 8 (Sustainable Economic Growth), SDG 12 (Sustainable Consumption)

Low-CO2 nutrition

The high plateau is rich in game, whose high-quality meat is only associated with the lowest CO2 emissions (see project "lead-free venison"). Local fish, as well as vegetarian and vegan recipes in particular, should also be increasingly served in the region. Synergies with SDG 12 (Sustainable consumption), SDG 15 (Life on land)

The tourism association is striving for a quick conversion to e-mobility on the plateau. Our own vehicles already run largely on electricity, and electric ski/hiking buses and cross-country ski trails are to follow soon. We are also committed to expanding the charging network in the region.
Synergies with SDG 7 (Energy), SDG 9 (Infrastructure)

Arrive Easily


Easily and conveniently arrive in the Seefeld region by car or by public transport such as bus or train.

Select Preferred Mode of Transportation

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