Climbing garden in Leutasch

Climbing garden in Leutasch


The “Mauerbogen“ is a small climbing area in a lovely location which offers routes of medium difficulty. But be careful: the routes are deceptive and anyone coming directly from indoor climbing practice should start with a lower level to get to know the crags first as the grading is rather ‘tough’. Once you get used to things, you will find plenty of variety for an enjoyable day’s climbing.

Access to the crags is via a new, well-signposted path (orange sign “Klettergarten Mauerbogen“) which is steep but not difficult and takes about 15 – 20 minutes. If you have time, be sure to take some photos of the flowers, enjoy the scenery and admire the fern forest along the way. The area is suitable for children but due to the type of climbing involved (very ‘solid’ rock), perhaps not the best choice for younger, inexperienced climbers.

Topo forgotten? No problem! Climbers, and anyone else who is interested, can pick up a free topo for the Mauerbogen climbing area from the ‘climbing postbox’. The postbox is located at the Sportpark car park in Leutasch.