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Working and living in the Region Seefeld

The advantages of the region as a workplace at a glance:

Who lives and works in the Region Seefeld enjoys the best quality of life, excellent accessibility, an ideal infrastructure and untouched nature. The highest plateau of the Alps at 1,200 metres above sea level offers plenty of sunshine, a fantastic panorama and promising jobs. Those who settle down in one of the five villages of the region that are all embedded in the impressive natural scenery of the Wetterstein mountains and the Karwendel mountain range, will quickly feel at home. The Region Seefeld stands for arriving, coming home and feeling at home.

Short distances and best accessibility

The high plateau is not only easily accessible from all directions and by all means of transport, you are also mobile within the villages. The distances in Seefeld are short: in just 25 minutes you can walk from one end of town to the other. For more distant destinations, there is a well-developed regional bus network that takes locals and guests from A to B in just a few minutes. Another advantage is the excellent train connection: Trains from Innsbruck and Mittenwald stop every half hour in several towns in the region. The provincial capital Innsbruck is only 30 minutes away and can be reached quickly and easily by train and car.

Optimal altitude

Athletes appreciate the positive effect of the optimal altitude at 1,200 metres in the Region Seefeld and "normal consumers" also benefit from it. The altitude has a real "doping effect" on health through increased production of red blood cells and their positive effect on respiration and circulation. The location also offers great advantages for allergy sufferers, as the majority of allergy-causing plants do not thrive or do not thrive to a large extent at this altitude.

Breathtaking landscape and natural outdoor sports

Living and working in the Region Seefeld means enjoying real, untouched nature. And that directly from the house and work door and on 365 days in the year. Whether peaks, lakes and water places, easy walks, challenging e-bike tours, perfectly groomed cross-country trails or panoramic ski areas: nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and families will find what they are looking for here. Entertaining and exciting sports and cultural events throughout the year ensure that there is always something going on. The shops in the village centre of Seefeld and the proximity to Innsbruck ensure that shopping enthusiasts also feel at home.

Perfectly developed infrastructure

The be-all and end-all of a region as a place to live and work is a perfectly developed infrastructure. This applies not only to guests, but also to locals. A large and continuously improved network of public transport, various educational facilities, courses, doctors, shopping facilities, a variety of cafés and restaurants and various leisure facilities make the region worth living in. The region's infrastructure is world-class and benefits locals and guests alike.