Ski jump Toni Seelos Schanze Seefeld

Welcome to the Toni Seelos ski jumps in Seefeld!

The first ski jump in Seefeld in Tyrol was built in 1931 and opened under the name Hanschanze. In 1948 it was named after the ski legend Anton Seelos. In 2010, the Toni Seelos ski jump was demolished, making room for the two new Toni Seelos HS75 and HS109 ski jumps. These were ceremoniously opened in the same year.

Toni Seelos jump HS 109

Hillsize: 109 meters
K-Width: 98,85 meters
Inclination of the run-up: 34 degrees
Length of the runway: 91.36 metres
Table length: 6,42 meters
Table height: 2.47 metres
Length of the outlet: 79 meters

Toni Seelos Ski Jump HS 75
Hillsize: 75 meters
K-Width: 67.88 metres
Inclination of the approach: 30 degrees
Length of the runway: 96.61 metres
Table length: 6 meters
Table height: 1.70 meters
Length of the outlet: 72 meters