Tiroler Bio Alpakas, Facebook: @TirolerBioAlpakas

Dates and times of activities: see Facebook.
We are happy to organise dates/times to suit by prior arrangement.

Every Friday (in season) - Alpaca hikes: Hike with us across flowering mountain meadows or through the cool mountain forest, accompanied by our woolly "teddy bears" and refresh yourself with Peruvian cocktails. A magical nature experience, also for families! Registration required.

Private tours are also possible - to popular excursion destinations such as Bodenalm or Wildmoosalm, or for a smaller group near the farm. Variants with stick bread grilling at the campfire, alpaca picnic on the Weise, etc.

Guided tours of the farm: Immerse yourself in the world of alpacas on a guided tour of our alpaca farm and pastures. Get very close to our Andean animals, feel for yourself how fluffy the wool is and learn interesting facts about the gentle animals and the gold of the Incas: spitting alpacas? Why is the wool so special and so valuable? How do alpacas fit into the Tyrolean mountain world? For dates see Facebook.

Pasture time: We equip you with picnic blanket and alpaca food and you chill out in the midst of our alpaca herd on the sunny pasture.



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