Wildmosssee - a natural phenomenon

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Close to the idyllic Möserer See, on the Wildmoos plateau (1320m), a very popular local attraction close to Seefeld, we can observe a very interesting natural phenomenon: as if coming from nowhere, two lakes appear amidst green meadows, larch and birch forests, the Wildmoossee and the Lottensee. This a-periodic (irregular) natural wonder is probably the result of a combination of water levels in the underground karsts systems, the spring rains and the spring thaw. The ground beneath these lakes is probably heavily karstified but
the water system is sealed from below. Once the thaw begins in spring, the underground systems fill with water and the excess water floods the hollows in the meadows and forms lakes, which often disappear again after a few weeks. Interestingly, the water level continues to rise after the thaw has ended, and the water bubbles out from underground springs. The lakes then stay at a constant level all summer – in the autumn the lakes then empty suddenly in the space of two or three weeks. None of the many attempts to predict the appearance of the lakes in advance has been successful. The exact causes of their appearance or non-appearance cannot be defined exactly.


Ferienheim Wildmoos
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