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Well-being in harmony with nature on a sun-drenched mountain plateau

Well-being in harmony with nature on a sun-drenched mountain plateau

  • Well-being for body and soul amid a unique mountain setting on a sun-drenched plateau - Wellnesshotel
  • ‘Best of the Alps’ – traditional winter sport region with an international clientele, which ranks as one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the Alps
  • Leisure pools, sauna complexes and feel-good oases for blissful relaxation
  • Spa treatments and feel-good beauty packages for a blissful holiday in the mountains
  • Central location with a good infrastructure and easy accessibility, close to the city (Innsbruck)

Olympiabad Seefeld

Covering an area of over 630 square metres, the light, welcoming indoor pool area in Seefeld’s Sport and Congress Centre offers numerous amenities and activities.

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Indoor swimming pool ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch

ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch

The ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch leisure pool complex offers a stunning ambience with numerous attractions and spa amenities.

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Waldbaden - Wellness in the Seefeld Woods

The Forest: Waldbaden, known in English as “forest bathing”, is based on Shinrin Yoku from Japan. The wave has reached Europe, and Verena Hiltpolt is the first to…

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Wellness Packages

The scientifically proven health-promoting climate of the Olympia-region Seefeld (1,200 m above sea level), in combination with the attractive range of fitness facilities and activities offered by the region’s…

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Kneipp water in the mountain river in the Olympiaregion Seefeld, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Kneipp facilities

The healing powers of water have been recognised for centuries. Water therapy activates the entire organism – body, mind and soul.

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A relaxing, feel-good spa holiday – Tyrolean style

Boasting a unique Alpine ambience on a sun-drenched mountain plateau at an elevation of 1,200 metres above sea level, the Olympiaregion Seefeld in Tyrol offers spa and well-being breaks for body, mind and soul amid an exclusive setting. Thanks to its health-boosting, high-altitude location and its stunning natural beauty, the area boasts ideal conditions for blissful well-being in harmony with nature. As a member of the ‘Best of the Alps’ alliance, the region boasts a firmly established reputation, together with lifestyle, culture, sport, events and a flourishing tourism industry. This year-round destination is characterised by its international clientele, high-end hotel industry, superb gastronomic offerings and excellent infrastructure.

The Olympiaregion Seefeld has the highest concentration of spa and health and beauty establishments in the entire Alpine region. The region’s hotels place a strong focus on the fields of well-being, relaxation and beauty, offering second-to-none amenities and professional services. A spa holiday in Tyrol offers not only tranquillity and relaxation, but also a breathtaking ambience amid stunning natural surroundings. In addition to the largest hotel spa in the Alps, which covers an area of no fewer than 5,000 square metres, the region also has many smaller establishments offering attractive packages for an unforgettable, feel-good holiday in the mountains.

The two leisure pool complexes – the Olympia Sport and Congress Centre in Seefeld and the ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad in Leutasch – offer all-embracing bathing, spa and well-being packages. The 630-square-metre pool complex in Seefeld, with its light, welcoming indoor pool area, comfortable loungers, underwater massage jets and heated outdoor pool, offers a blissful feel-good oasis. The Sport and Congress Centre, furthermore, has a spacious and strikingly designed sauna area ensuring highest-calibre relaxation and rejuvenation. The Alpenbad in Leutasch, likewise, guarantees unadulterated relaxation for body, mind and soul. With its large indoor and outdoor pools, revitalising jacuzzi loungers, massage jets, dousing showers and several hydrotherapy showers, it makes switching off and unwinding an effortless pleasure. The sauna area, furthermore, is a veritable haven of tranquillity in which all your cares simply melt away.

The focus of the new ‘Mental Power Walking Trail’ centres on a sense of oneness with nature, on breathing in the fresh, clear mountain air of Tyrol and on rediscovering a sense of harmony between body, mind and soul as you embark along a path to your inner self. A total of 12 idyllic stops along the way, with ingeniously designed seating areas, offer tranquil resting places in which to reflect and contemplate, savour the beauty of the landscape and replenish your energy levels. Located at carefully selected positions, each with its own unique energy-giving properties, the stopping points offer peaceful settings in which you can practice relaxation techniques and meditation. The four elements – fire, earth, water and air – which form the basis for a healthy, happy life also feature along this path to rediscovering your own personal balance. Enjoy a holistic relaxation experience amid the untouched beauty of the mountains.

Incorporated into the natural landscape, the region’s Kneipp water therapy facilities offer revitalisation and enhanced well-being. Kneipp water therapy boosts the immune system, harmonises the nervous system and has a balancing effect on breathing, heartbeat, circulation and digestion. The healing powers of water have been recognised for centuries. Water therapy activates the entire organism – body, mind and soul. Equipped with clear information boards to ensure the correct use of the facilities, the region’s Kneipp water therapy areas offer an invigorating outdoor spa experience for all the senses.

A huge range of spa amenities and health and beauty treatments are available in most of the region’s accommodation establishments. From 5-star superior hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts, the region offers accommodation to suit every taste and budget and ensures a memorable and pleasurable spa holiday in Tyrol.