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12/05/23 - 12/12/23

Collect and exchange hiking pins

Hiking Needle App

The digital hiking pass for the Region Seefeld

What can the app do?
With the free app you can immortalize yourself at the stamping points and prove that you really were there. Enter your name in the tour book, take a photo and collect your successes in the chronicle (name of the stamping place, date & time).
You can also link and share your achievements online with Facebook so your friends know you've done it.

Safety plus: with the mySOS emergency function, an emergency contact can be stored who will be notified if you do not return from the hike in time. Thanks to GPS tracking, the missing person can be located more quickly by the mountain rescue service. The app also helps you to find your way around the mountain.

It's that easy!
Download the app, register, collect points and exchange the collected digital pins for a "real" Region Seefeld needle.

With the smartphone app from SummitLynx all winter hikers and cross-country skiers within the Region Seefeld can collect hiking needles with their mobile phone.

Collecting digital hiking & biking needles

Digital Summer Hiking & Biking Needle App
With the smartphone app from SummitLynx, all hikers and bikers within the Region Seefeld can collect hiking or biking needles with their mobile phones. As soon as enough points have been collected, the respective needle is unlocked and can be exchanged for a „real" needle at one of the information offices.