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Padel fun in the heart of the Alps

Padel fun in the heart of the Alps

Padel at Casa Padel Seefeld

Casa Padel Seefeld opened its doors on 25 November and invites you to discover the exciting world of padel. As Tyrol's first indoor padel club, Casa Padel offers a unique playing experience in the world of racket sports. Padel, known for its simple yet captivating gameplay, is the ideal sport for social leisure matches as well as thrilling competitions. With rules that are quick to learn, padel guarantees unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Casa Padel provides the unique opportunity to experience the sport of padel, which cleverly combines the best of tennis, squash, and table tennis. This versatile sport is perfectly suited for players of all ages and skill levels. Casa Padel features six modern indoor courts and a shop that not only offers a wide range of merchandise, but also the opportunity to buy high-quality rackets and padel balls or hire rackets. Casa Padel proudly presents the brands Bullpadel and Head. Casa Padel Seefeld warmly welcomes you to the world of padel.


The world of padel

Padel, a fascinating mix of tennis and squash, is a sport that originated in Mexico in the 1960s and has since spread worldwide. This unique racket sport has experienced an impressive wave of popularity in recent years, especially in Spain and Latin America, and is now gaining increasing significance in other parts of the world.

Padel is known for its simple gameplay and easy-to-learn rules, making it an accessible sport for all ages and skill levels. The sport is mostly played in doubles, with the smaller courts and walls that are incorporated into the game creating a unique dynamic.

Besides the fun factor, padel also offers significant health benefits. It improves cardiovascular health, promotes agility, coordination, and speed, while being gentle on the joints. Furthermore, padel encourages social interactions and team spirit, as it is typically played in groups.

The growing popularity of padel is reflected in the increasing number of padel clubs and courts worldwide. For this reason, we are very excited that Casa Padel, Tyrol's first indoor padel club, has opened in Seefeld. This emerging sport offers an exciting combination of physical activity, strategic play, and social enjoyment, making it an attractive option for sports enthusiasts of all kinds.



Casa Padel Seefeld

Discover Casa Padel Seefeld – the first indoor padel club in Tyrol. Here, an extraordinary playing experience awaits you with six indoor courts in a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for those who want to experience the thrill and community of this emerging sport. The Casa Padel Club features a specialized shop that offers everything a padel enthusiast could desire, including premium equipment from leading brands like Bullpadel and Head. Immerse yourself in the unique padel experience at Casa Padel Seefeld.

Closed, opens at 07:00 AM
13.04.2024 - 31.10.2024
Monday - Sunday
07:00 - 23:00

Casa Padel Seefeld

Möserer Straße 632, 6100 Seefeld

Price overview Casa Padel Monday to Friday

TimesDouble courtSingle court
1 hourPer person* 1 hourPer person*
7:00 am - 4:00 pm € 36€ 9€ 20€ 10
04:00 pm - 11:00 pm € 40€ 10€ 25€ 12,5

* Hourly rate per person.

Price overview Casa Padel Saturday to Sunday

TimesDouble CourtSingle Court
1 hourper person*1 hourper person*
07:00 am - 11:00 pm€ 40€ 10€ 25€ 12,5

* Hourly rate per person.


Everything in one place

Use Playtomic now
Optimise your padel experience with Playtomic. This website makes booking a court a breeze, while you benefit from professional tuition and tips on how to improve your game - all in one place.


Matching equipment and accessories

Padel, a fascinating and dynamic sport, requires the right equipment and accessories to fully enjoy the game. Fundamentally, each player needs a special padel racket, which differs from traditional tennis rackets with its solid, stringless structure. Additionally, padel balls, which are slightly softer than regular tennis balls, contribute to the unique playing experience on the padel court.

Besides rackets and balls, appropriate sportswear is also important. Comfortable, breathable clothing and suitable footwear that provides good grip and agility on the court are essential for an optimal playing experience. Not to forget are accessories like grip tapes, which ensure a better hold of the racket, and protective gear to prevent injuries.

For all this equipment and more, the shop at Casa Padel Seefeld is an ideal destination. Here, there is a wide range of high-quality padel equipment and accessories suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The selection includes products from leading brands like Bullpadel and Head, known for their quality and innovation in padel sports.

Furthermore, at Casa Padel Seefeld, there is the opportunity to test or rent for 4 € per racket different racket models to find the perfect match for your individual playing style. Experts are available to provide advice and assistance, ensuring that you are equipped with the best gear.



Game rules & facts

Discover the world of padel – a dynamic game that combines skill, strategy, and team spirit. Here's an overview of the rules that make padel unique:

  • Game Rules: Padel is typically played in doubles. The rules are similar to tennis, with the difference that the ball can bounce off the walls after the first bounce on the ground before being returned.
  • The Court: The game is played on a compact field, surrounded by walls that are part of the game.
  • The Equipment: The racket is solid and stringless, the ball resembles a tennis ball but is slightly softer.
  • The Serve: Executed below the hip, the ball must be played diagonally into the opponent's field and is allowed to bounce only once.
  • Points and Sets: The scoring system is similar to traditional tennis, with games and sets.
  • Playing with Walls: Unique to padel: After hitting the ground, the ball can also touch the walls and remain in play.
  • Net Play: Players can also hit the ball before its first bounce on the ground, leading to exciting net duels.
  • Tactics and Strategy: Due to the smaller field size and the use of walls, the focus is more on strategy and ball placement than on sheer power. Good teamwork and communication are crucial in doubles.


Restaurant Mesón Padel

Casa Padel Seefeld stands for more than just sports; it offers a comprehensive day experience in a welcoming and warm club atmosphere. Guests are cordially invited to enjoy a dinner with friends or family in this lively and sociable setting.

Thanks to the partnership with Chef Victor José Reza Sanchez, visitors can indulge in sophisticated Spanish delicacies, complemented by trendy drinks and cocktails, Spanish wines, and artfully prepared coffees.

Tapas by Casa Padel, Restaurant, Café, Bistro

Café & Bistro



Closed, opens at 12:00 PM

The Employee Card of the Region Seefeld

TeamCard Region Seefeld
Holders of the 'TeamCard' of the Seefeld region have the opportunity to play padel at Casa Padel Seefeld 10 times for one hour each free of charge with their employee card. Discover more details about the attractive TeamCard rewards and discounts here.


Other sports programmes in the WM hall

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