Nature adventure playground "Länd"

The Scharnitz outdoor natural adventure playground in Länd is characterised by natural planting of native wild plants. These colourful flowers and herbs, some of which will be recognisable from other parts of the nature park, attract many different wild bees, bumble bees, butterflies and beetles, so that children can play and adults can relax while experiencing nature up close.

Many structures such as little hills and dry-stone walls create different spaces for having a rest or for moving around. The playground itself offers a variety of opportunities to let off steam or let the imagination run wild. Children can climb and balance on a tree trunk Mikado and rope course, which connects a tree house with a mini-hut on the slope. And the slide hill offers different ways to climb up, while the wooden shed, the salamander grotto and the willow dome stimulate the imagination and offer places to wind down. For the very young there is a sand and mud play area with a play hut on the slope, which is a little apart from the main play area where things might get a bit wild. There is also seating for parents nearby.



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