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Nature adventure playground "Länd"

new Scharnitzer nature adventure playground in the country is
characterized by the natural planting with native wild plants. These colorful flowers and herbs that you z.T. also
known from the nature park, attract many wild bees, bumblebees,
butterflies and beetles, so that the children while playing and the
adults while resting the nature experience close up.

Many structures such as hills and dry stone create separate spaces for rest and movement. The playground itself offers a variety of ways to let off steam or let the imagination run wild. The kids can climb and balance on a tree-trunk mikado and rope course, which connects a treehouse with a mini-hut on a slope. But
also the slide hill offers different ways to climb - while the wood
shed modeled on a coalmill as well as the salamander grotto in the hill
or the pasture dome inspire your imagination and offer you retreat
spaces. Even
for the little ones there is a sand and mud play area with a play hut
on the hillside, which is slightly withdrawn from the main action of the
wild game and has a seating group for the parents nearby.