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Circular hike from Seefeld to Gießenbach & Leutasch

Circular hike from Seefeld to Gießenbach & Leutasch


Starting point: Seefeld
Finishing point: Seefeld
Ascent773 m
Highest point1,616 m
Route distance21.5 km
Walking time / total06:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent03:00 hh:mm
Level of difficultymedium

Elevation profile


There are several alternatives for getting to Scharnitz:

Seefeld – Gießenbach – Scharnitz – Leutasch - Seefeld

Option 1: Starting from the funicular valley station, you can take the path Römerweg and the Hirnweg path to Gießenbach via Ankerschlag and then use the Stuckweg path on the final section into the centre of Scharnitz.

Route: Seefeld - Triendlsäge - Bodenalm - Sattelsteig - Sattelklamm - Hoher Sattel - Hochfluder - Kurblhang - Weidach - Neuleutasch - Seefeld

Option 2: Alternatively, you can cross over the road and the stream at Hotel Ramona in Gießenbach to get to the Sattelsteig track. Another option is the path via the Bodenalm hut where you have two alternatives – either following path from the inn Gasthof Triendlsäge through the Drahnbachtal valley, or following the path past the waterfall via the Kurhotel Promenade and road Heilbadstraße. Keep to your left behind the hut Bodenalm and after about 700 metres, branch off to your left before the Stundkapelle chapel onto the forest path. This trail takes you a short distance along the road past the Gießenbach stream to the Sattelsteig track. Keeping to the forest path, walk until you reach the Nordalpenweg path fork, turn left onto this path uphill through the Sattelklamm gorge and onto the Hoher Sattel (High Saddle). In the field, about 200 metres beyond the hunting lodge, turn left down to Hochfluder and follow the gentle downhill Schwarzweg path towards Weidach. Passing the branch-offs to Kurblhang and Weidach, walk straight ahead to the Hochmooslift from where the clearly signposted trail takes you back to Seefeld via Neuleutasch and the Triendlsäge restaurant.