Truly versatile

Truly versatile

Gaistal in summer

In summer, the valley Gaistal in Leutasch shines as a true paradise for those who love nature and long for relaxation. This idyllic valley enchants with its impressive backdrop of majestic mountains, lush meadows and numerous cosy huts and alpine pastures. The Gaistal is a place that makes visitors' hearts beat faster in summer. The breathtaking nature, the variety of leisure activities and the relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect destination for nature lovers and all those who want to escape the stress of everyday life.

The Gaistal is known as an alpine paradise and lives up to its name: here, one alpine pasture after another worth visiting awaits hikers and cyclists. The most rewarding hike in the Gaistal is therefore the Hochalmen-Rundwanderung: it connects 7 (!) of the most beautiful alpine pastures in the idyllic valley. And all this on wonderful paths. What awaits you on this round and which highlights you should not miss, you can find out here.

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