A true natural gem

A true natural gem

Gaistal in winter

The Gaistal in Leutasch in winter transforms into a fairytale landscape that captivates every visitor. The snowy splendour, the variety of winter activities and the contemplative mood make it a perfect destination for winter lovers and anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Long-distance hiking in the snow: Welcome to the White Carpet!

When your shoes crunch softly over the snow with every step, your breath hangs in the air glistening white, the trees bend gently under the weight of the snow and you can literally smell the invigorating stop at the alpine pasture – then you will experience a very special winter magic. All this and more is available during the winter long-distance hiking in the snow: in four days the long-distance hiking trails lead you through the snow-covered landscape. You'll find out what you need for this and what you'll experience along the way when you read on.