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Naturpark-Infozentrum Scharnitz


Hinterautalstraße 555b, 6108 Scharnitz





The outdoor area between the Holzerhütte (Logger’s) Museum and the Scharnitz Nature Park and Information Centre has been laid out as a big adventure play-ground. What makes this play area extra-special is that the local primary school pupils were asked for their input in the planning and design to make sure that it was exactly what children would like.

The part of Scharnitz known as ‘Länd’ used to be the end station for the trees that had been cut down in the Karwendel forests and driven along the river. In days gone by, the village children used to play and balance on the logs by the banks of the Isar, or splash about in the water and build their own little dams. These traditions inspired some of the essential elements of the Karwendel play area and you can see how water, wood and stone have been used as natural resources for the different play activities available.

There are stacks of tree trunks for balancing practice or for climbing, a roomy wooden hut for some welcome shade in summer and a large sand pit. The play area offers various ways to let off steam, including playing hide


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