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Bee Nature Trail Reith bei Seefeld

The Bee Nature Trail, with a bee hotel, in Reith bei Seefeld is truly unique and offers walkers, and anyone who is interested, a fascinating insight into the world of busy honeybees and their relatives – solitary bees and bumble bees.

Starting at the St. Florian Kneipp water therapy facilities, a path through the forest, past the Kaltwasserbach stream and finishing at the Niederbach stream, takes you past ten fascinating information boards that bring to life the world of the honey bee. At the bee hotel, glass windows let you observe the busy life of wild bees, solitary bees, bumble bees and honey bees. There you can also take a look at bee hives – both historical and modern-day – as well as beekeeping equipment and bee products.

It is believed that the bee was the first animal species to be domesticated by man. Throughout history, poets, scientists, physicians and philosophers have occupied themselves with bees and their products. And even today, we can still say that bees are among the most important animals for humankind. Honey, for example, has been an exceedingly valuable commodity since time immemorial.