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To the destination by public transport

To the destination by public transport

Information about the VVT fares and zones

Everything you need to know about the VVT fares and zones! Learn more about the different ways you can plan your trips to and from the region. Discover flexible fare options and coverage of different zones to make your travel planning as easy as possible.
Important: The PlateauCard guest card and, in winter, a valid cross-country skiing ticket (with different regulations - more info here) count as a public transport ticket in the region!

Applies to all overnight guests with the PlateauCard guest card:

Guest card = ticket

The guest card is valid during your stay as a ticket for all public bus connections in the region (up to Telfs and Mittenwald). In addition, the train ride between Seefeld and Scharnitz and the Wildmoosbus are also included. You will receive the guest card from your landlord (digital or/and printed).

Good to know for public transport use: on the day of arrival, your accommodation reservation confirmation (digital or printed) lets you travel by bus for free from the train stations in Seefeld, Reith by Seefeld or Mittenwald, as well as from the FlixBus bus stop in Seefeld, to the bus stop nearest your accommodation (the bus routes 430, 431, 432, 433 and 434 are included in this service, as are the Seefeld ski buses. Please be aware of departure times, bus stops and route plan).

Timetable for the Seefeld region

Zone plan

The VVT zone map shows how many zones the bus line travels through. In the Seefeld region, this includes five VVT regional bus lines - lines 430, 431, 432, 433 and 434 - as well as the regional train or suburban railway. The Wildmoosbus line and the ski buses are an additional service, but do not fall under the VVT tariff regulations.

Bus lines 430, 431, 432 and 434 operate all year round, while the line 433 is seasonal and available 180 days a year. Zones are used for the calculation of single tickets.

In addition, the line to the Wildmoosalm is in operation from June to October and from December to March. The VVT tariff regulations do NOT apply to this line, but separate tariffs do. The PlateauCard guest card, the LeisureResidenceCard and in winter a valid cross-country skiing ticket also count as a ticket for this bus line.

In winter there are additional ski buses. For skiers who want to get to the ski areas Gschwandtkopf & Rosshütte or to Geigenbühel, the ski bus lines yellow and blue can be used free of charge (with guest card OR valid ski ticket OR ski equipment). To get to the ski areas Gschwandtkopf and Rosshütte, the bus lines yellow and blue are available. The blue bus line also takes you to Geigenbühel.

In addition, there are daily regional and suburban railway connections in the direction of Innsbruck and Munich (ticket information).

VVT zone plan (links to VVT page only available in German)

VVT zone plan (links to VVT page only available in German)

Blue: Regiobus 430 — Seefeld — Leutasch/ Weidach — Oberleutasch und retour
Red: Regiobus 431 — Telfs - Buchen — Leutasch/ Weidach — Geisterklamm — Mittenwald
Yellow: Regiobus 432 — Seefeld (village line) — Reith — Leithen
Orange: Regiobus 433* — Seefeld — Leutasch/ Weidach — Oberleutasch — Gaistal
Green: Regiobus 434 — Seefeld — Mösern — Telfs
Black-White: Regionalbahn & S-Bahn — Scharnitz — Gießenbach — Seefeld — Reith und retour

*The Regiobus 433 is a seasonally operated line that is active 180 days a year, not 365 days.

The Wildmoosbus is a seasonal and additionally operated line and therefore does not fall under the VVT zone plan.
The ski buses are also additional seasonal lines for skiers.

A ride within a zone in the region

A ride within a zone in the region

Example: One ride within Seefeld
Fare: 1 zone € 1,30

A ride through several zones in the region

A ride through several zones in the region

Example: From Seefeld to Leutasch Weidach
Fare: 3 zones € 4.00

VVT single tickets

Valid for 1 journey in 1 direction in the entire Tyrol region. Passengers can transfer to other lines. Rides through Innsbruck are counted double (2 zones). Tariff status March 2023.

VVT single tickets

Number of zonesRegular priceReduced**Child*
1€ 1,30 € 0,90€ 0,70
2€ 2,70€ 1,70€ 1,30
3€ 4,00 € 2,60€ 2,00
4€ 5,40€ 3,40€ 2,70
5€ 6,70€ 4,30€ 3,30
6€ 8,00€ 5,10 € 4,00
7€ 9,40€ 6,00€ 4,70
8€ 10,70€ 6,90€ 5,40
9€ 12,10€ 7,70€ 6,00
10€ 13,40€ 8,60€ 6,70
11€ 14,70€ 9,40€ 7,40
12€ 16,10€ 10,30€ 8,00
13€ 17,40€ 11,20€ 8,70
14€ 18,80€ 12,00€ 9,40

When purchasing a single ticket with reference to the Innsbruck zone, the minimum price is the price in the Innsbruck zone. Max. 2 children under 6 years travel free of charge per accompanying person.
* Children from 6 years
** Teenagers under 20, Family Light, Senior, Special


Linie to the Wildmoosalm