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Hike to the Gehrenspitze, 2,367 m

One of the most beautiful tours that the region and the Wetterstein Mountains have to offer: through the picturesque Puittal it goes on varied paths to the summit of the Gehrenspitze, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of Leutasch, the Gaistal and the Karwendel. With descent via the Wangalm or Wettersteinhütte, the best culinary delights are guaranteed and should not be missed.


Starting point: Parking area puitbach (P13)
Finishing point: Parking area puitbach (P13)
Ascent1,319 m
Highest point2,367 m
Route distance22.8 km
Walking time / total10:00 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent05:30 hh:mm
Level of difficultymedium

Elevation profile


Route: Parking area puitbach (P13) – Puitbach – Scharnitzjoch – Gehrenspitze 

The starting point for the hike to the Gehrenspitze is the parking lot Puitbach/Ahrn (P13) in Leutasch (fee required). From here, follow the signs to the left along the path to Puitegg and on into the Puittal valley. This still unknown valley delights with untouched nature and paradisiacal views of the surrounding mountains. Under the high towers of the Öfelekopf, the Leutascher Dreitorspitze and the walls of the Gehrenspitze, you climb further and further up through the lush green valley. The flora and fauna with countless mountain herbs is also unique. With a little luck, you will encounter numerous chamois or marmots that call the Puittal their home.

First you have to overcome a few steep metres in altitude, but they pay off at the Scharnitzjoch at the latest. You reach it after about 3 hours and can look forward to magnificent views of the Gaistal for the first time. You can also see the mountain cabins Wangalm and Wettersteinhütte from here. Continue via the small Erinnerungshütte (not open) towards the summit of the Gehrenspitze. The path becomes narrower and is partly exposed. Good surefootedness and a head for heights are necessary here. Once you reach the summit, the panoramic views are overwhelming: you can enjoy a view of the Leutasch valley, the Karwendel mountains and the Hohe Munde.

You can either descend via the same path or via the Wangalm and Wettersteinhütte. If you choose the latter, follow the trail from the Scharnitzjoch towards the Wangalm and descend across lush alpine meadows and cow pastures. The two alpine pastures are only 10 minutes apart and both offer wonderful sun terraces, rustic parlours, very good cuisine and warm hospitality. From here you can descend to the Gaistal.

At the entrance to the Gaistal, a visit to the wildly beautiful natural Kneipp facility on the Leutascher Ache (between the hiking car parks P4 and P5) is recommended as a regenerative end to the hike, before optionally taking the hiking bus from there to the starting point.