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W7: Winter circular hike Seefeld - Reith

Romantic round through the woods to Reith and over the snowy Auland back to Seefeld.


Starting point: Seefeld Center
Finishing point: Seefeld Center
Ascent122 m
Highest point1,199 m
Route distance8.9 km
Walking time / total02:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent02:30 hh:mm
Level of difficultyeasy

Elevation profile


Route: Seefeld village square - Reitherspitzstrasse - Römerweg/Kreuzweg - Lobaweg - Reither forest path - Reith village square - Möslweg - Auland - Auländer Mähder - Wildseepromenade - Seefeld village square

Parking and public transport:
P8 "Apothekenparkplatz" and numerous other parking options.
By train to Seefeld train station (5 minutes walk to the starting point).
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This winter hiking tour stops in the small village of Reith south of Seefeld and leads through the Reither Auland and the Wildsee scenically back to the starting point.

We start directly at the church St.Oswald at the Seefeld village square. The starting point is only a few minutes' walk from the train station and the surrounding (paid) parking facilities in the village. From the village square you walk a bit to the south and take the Reitherspitzstraße to the left at the first possibility. Follow this road straight on until you reach the Römerweg, then turn right and continue along Römerweg, Kreuzweg and Lobaweg to the industrial park on the main road.

Shortly after the small lake at Lobaweg, the hiking route crosses the main road to the industrial park on the other side of the road and then follows the Reither forest path through snowy landscapes to the village square. There, take the Lauterweg next to the information office, cross the railroad line and the main road via an underpass and then turn right onto the Möslweg to make your way back.

At first the hiking trail follows the road for a while, but then turns slightly left and leads along the Gstoaweg through the winterly quiet Reither Auland. After the curve, turn left from the lift path at Engl-Hof Reith onto the forest path and walk over the Auländer Mähder (mountain meadows) along the edge of the forest to the Wildsee promenade. Follow the promenade for the whole length of the way (on the way you might meet some squirrels in the forest), at the end of the road curve after and at the main road turn left and walk the last meters to the starting point at the Seefeld village square. Here you will not only find many cosy restaurants, bars, cafés and shopping facilities, but also the Olympic swimming pool Seefeld attracts only a little further with its various wellness and water worlds.

Alpine emergency call:
Call: 140


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