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W34: Winter circular hike "culture path" Reith

Winter cultural circuit with ten historical monuments along the old Roman road to Leiten.


Starting point: Information office Reith
Finishing point: Information office Reith
Ascent99 m
Highest point1,126 m
Route distance4.3 km
Walking time / total01:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent0:0 hh:mm
Level of difficultyeasy

Elevation profile


Route: Reith information office - Römerstraße - Musikplatzl - Sunnroanweg - parish church - milestone - Unsere Frau - Magnuskapelle - Gasthof Hirschen - Riesenhaus - plague column - Reith information office.

Parking and public transport:
Parking facilities near the train station.
By train to Reith train station.
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The educational culture trail between Reith and Leithen can also be walked in winter and leads along ten different historical monuments and sites through the countryside and history along the old Roman road.

From the starting point at the Reith information office, you look down on the over 90-year-old Karwendelbahn (1), which, built by Innsbruck architect Markus Riehl, is still considered a masterpiece of engineering. From there, follow the old Roman road towards the church, turn right at the first opportunity onto Sonnrainweg and find yourself at Musikplatzl (2). Here the music pavilion commemorates the war dead and the destruction of two world wars.

On the Sunnroanweg (3) you not only enjoy a particularly impressive view of the Inn Valley, but can also vividly visualise the reconstruction of the completely destroyed mountain village. If you continue along the path, you will reach the Reither parish church (4) dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of the small community.

Back on the Roman road, you come across the Milestone (5), a memorial to the looting of Bavarian soldiers around 1703. The stone once served as a pedestal for an elaborately carved statue of St. Nicholas. Because the patron saint of the village was pushed off the stone during the looting, it still stands there alone today.

A little further on, you come to the fork in the Kalktalweg, from which the forest path to Leithen branches off immediately to the right. At the end of the short section of path, at the upper border between Zirl and Leithen, a beautiful wayside shrine to the Virgin Mary, lovingly venerated in Reith as "Our Lady" (6), stood here for a long time. Unfortunately, the wooden image was stolen around 1972, and today only the empty wayside shrine reminds us of the Madonna.

From the empty stone pedestal, the path leads to Kobesbichlweg, where the new Magnus Chapel (7) stands. Originally, the small place of worship stood directly in the centre of Leithen and was probably even older than the village church itself. In 1980, the chapel was then moved 50 metres further north to a hill. Since then, the day of St. Magnus on 6 September has been celebrated as Leithener Kirchtag.

A little further along Leithen's Dorfstraße you finally come across the historic Gasthof Hirschen (8). A traditional Tyrolean inn that still serves regional products made on the farm.

Also directly on the Dorfstraße is the Riesenhaus (9). According to legend, the giant Thyrsus fell seriously ill during the plague. In order not to endanger the villagers, he is said to have hidden here in the vaulted cellar. He had meals served to him through the cellar window and soon recovered, thus sparing Leithen from the plague. The cellar was demolished during road construction work around 1980.

The last stop on the winter cultural walking tour is the plague column (10) on the outskirts of Leithen, commemorating the 30-year war, which also brought the plague to Leithen. At that time, a wealthy businessman fled from Innsbruck to the small mountain village, became seriously ill and vowed to erect a wayside shrine if he recovered. The fact that he kept his word is proven by the Leither plague column since 1637.

Keeping to the right along the Leithen village road, the trail eventually leads back to Reith. At the starting and finishing point of the historic winter circuit at the Reith information office, you can take a short break in the cosy café of the Reither bakery on the village square.

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