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Way of imperator Maximilian

Way of imperator Maximilian


Starting point: Seefeld hotel Seespitz-Zeit
Finishing point: Seefeld hotel Seespitz-Zeit
Ascent0 m
Highest point1,180 m
Route distance2.5 km
Walking time / total00:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent00:00 hh:mm
Level of difficultyeasy

Elevation profile


This walking path runs around Seefeld’s Wildsee lake and offers visitors a wealth of information about the development of this unique landscape. The starting point for the themed walk is located south of Hotel Seespitz-Zeit. From here, you walk in a southerly direction to the ‘Reither Moor' where you then follow the circular trail which eventually brings you back to the starting point. 11 information boards offer interesting information about the lake, the ‘Reither Moor’ marsh, the flora, fauna and climate, and also about the history of the area, the forces of nature at play here and attempts to tame them.