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Bike Park Seefeld

Your professional mountain bike training center in Seefeld

Mountain biking is "the riding on unpaved roads and paths with a suitable bicycle, using special riding techniques that go beyond conventional cycling". This is an apt definition of the sport that is becoming more and more popular every year.

Whether with pure muscle power or with electric assistance, mountain biking is a spectacular way to discover our mountains. The bike makes it possible to cover long distances and instead of painful, long descents by foot, and the dynamic descents are fun and easy on the joints.

We, the team of the Bikepark Seefeld, would like to help you to go beyond the conventional biking. We make you better. We make you mountain fit. We show you special riding techniques, give you the right tips and tricks and improve your safety.

Only two hours with us will also bring you more fun and more relaxation on your mountain bike, because you will get to know yourself, your abilities and also your limits in a safe way during the course. Afterwards you know much better what you can do.

No matter if you are using an electric motor or pure muscle power: Let us together take care of your solid base on the mountain bike before you set off on your big tour(s) in our beautiful alpine landscape. Your health, your fun factor and your mountain experience will thank you!

We pick you up where you stand and improve you and your technique. This also improves your safety and your fun in the mountains. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Bike Park Seefeld trainings, ©, Belinda Reinhardt

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Only two hours will ensure more fun and more relaxation on the mountain bike, because you have already got to know yourself, your abilities and also your limits in a safe way during the courses.

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Bike Park Seefeld Rules, ©, Belinda Reinhardt


The code of behaviour, also known as fair-play rules, ensure a safe coexistence and guarantee that the unique mountain world will continue to be preserved.

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The Olympiaregion Seefeld is just around a 20-minute drive from Innsbruck Airport and around 90 minutes from Munich Airport (toll free). The region is also easy to reach by car from all directions. Those in search of a scenic, romantic journey can travel to the region along the Karwendel railway line, one of the most beautiful rail routes in Europe.