Gleirschklamm' Gorge

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The Gleirschklamm is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt gorges in the Karwendel. It has captivated visitors since time immemorial with its impressive rock faces, its small waterfalls and its crystal-clear water.
It is a fantastic landscape of water and rock and you can really feel the strength and power of the water that has been making its way through the gorge for centuries. A narrow path winds over bridges and through the steep-sided gorge for around 45 minutes, with the water rumbling and tumbling down below. It is extremely important that visitors are sure-footed and not afraid of heights. The twittering of the dippers that breed in the gorge makes a lovely contrast to the sound of the rushing water – animals and nature in harmony, untouched by the pressure and stress of daily life. It is seldom that you can enjoy nature in all its glory as you can here.

In days gone by, the gorge was used for logging. It was not easy to transport the tree trunks through the narrow ravine and in early summer the snow melt was dammed at the start of the gorge, by the area known as 'Klausen'. The tree trunks were rolled into the water and once the water was deep enough, the dam was opened. The tree trunks then swept through the gorge on a powerful surge of water, down into the Isar river and on to Scharnitz. However, the trunks often got stuck in the gorge and it was left to the experienced loggers, known as 'Trifter', to free them. Today there is little left to remind us of this dangerous job or of the many workers who were injured or lost their lives.

Hikers can enjoy the cool, misty air in the Gleirsch gorge on hot summer days. From Scharnitz, the trail leads over the so-called Isarsteig, past the Scharnitzer Alm and along the Nederweg to the start of the Gleirsch gorge where there is an information board as well as somewhere to sit and relax. It is a lovely experience to take off your boots and refresh your tired feet in the chilly Gleirsch stream.

At the end of the gorge, you can return to Scharnitz via the Oberbrunnalm or on the Hochwald path. Or you can continue along the Gleirsch valley on the forest track and go to one of the refreshment stops, the Möslalm or the Kristenalm, where you can try some of the homemade alm produce, e.g. Tyrolean Graukäse (a type of cheese) and pass the time of day with the friendly hosts. Return to Scharnitz by going back through the gorge or by going along the Gleirsch valley and the so-called 'Krapfen'.


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