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The Gleirschklamm is one of the most beautiful of the unspoiled gorges in the Karwendel. It has
been captivating visitors since time immemorial because of its impressive rocks, its small waterfalls
and its crystal-clear water. It is a unique landscape where it is possible to feel the strength of the
powerful waters that have been making their way through the rock for centuries. A narrow path
winds its way through the gorge for around 45 minutes, over bridges, through jumbles of rock and
above the noisy water down below. The trail is secured by cables in places but visitors should still
be surefooted and free from vertigo. The twittering of the dippers, who breed in the gorge, makes
a lovely contrast with the sound of the river – animal and nature in harmony, untouched by stress
and pressure. It is rare that one can enjoy the variety and unique qualities of nature in the way that
one can here. In earlier days the gorge was used for logging. It was a difficult business to attempt
to transport the logs through the narrow ravine. In early summer the melt water was dammed at
the point above the gorge known as the 'Klausen', the trunks were rolled into the water and, once
the water was deep enough, the dam was opened. The logs swept through the gorge, carried on
a powerful surge of water in the direction of the Isar and Scharnitz. However, it was frequently the
case that some of the wood jammed in the gorge and had to be freed by experienced workers,
known as the 'Triftern'. Today there is little left to remind us of this dangerous job, where many
workers were injured or lost their lives. Walkers can enjoy the cool and moisture-filled air in the hot
days of summer. From Scharnitz, the trail leads over the Isarsteig and past the Scharnitzer Alm
via the Nederweg to the entrance to the Gleirsch gorge. At the entrance there are resting-points
with an information board. It is a lovely experience to take off one’s boots and to bathe tired feet
in the Gleirsch stream and replenish one’s energy. At the end of the gorge one has the possibility
to return to Scharnitz via the Oberbrunnalm and the Hochwald. Or to walk along the Gleirsch
valley using the forestry road to the Amtsäge, or a little bit further to the Möslalm and to enjoy a
pleasant 'finale' at one of those huts - experiencing the friendliness of the hosts and trying some
of the homemade products such as the typical Tyrolean Graukäse (a type of cheese)! It is possible
to return to Scharnitz through the Gleirsch valley via the so-called 'Krapfen' or simply to retrace
one’s steps through the gorge.


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