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06/19/24 - 06/26/24

A natural wonder in the heart of the Karwendel

Gleirschklamm Gorge

Discover the hidden splendour of the Gleirschklamm gorge, one of the most spectacular natural jewels in the Karwendel mountains. This impressive gorge, known for its majestic rock formations, gushing waterfalls and crystal-clear water, offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Karwendel, the Gleirschklamm gorge unfolds as a place of raw, unspoilt beauty. Here, where water has been carving its way through massive rock faces for centuries, you can experience nature in its most pristine form. The path through the gorge, lined with lush greenery and the melodious song of dippers, takes you on a journey through time - back to the roots of nature.

Time travel in stone

The history of the Gleirschklamm gorge

The Gleirschklamm gorge, a jewel in the Karwendel, enchants with its unspoilt beauty and deep-rooted history. Surrounded by imposing cliffs and criss-crossed by crystal-clear waterfalls, it offers an unrivalled natural experience. As you walk along the narrow path that winds its way through the gorge for around 45 minutes, you can feel the impetuous force of the water that has been carving its way for centuries. The gorge is a place where nature can be experienced in its purest form, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In the past, the Gleirschklamm gorge served as an important route for timber drifting, a practice that characterised the landscape and the people of the region. In early summer, when the meltwater filled the gorge, the logs were lowered into the water. At the "Klausen", a damming point at the entrance to the gorge, the logs waited for the signal to shoot down into the valley with tremendous force. This dangerous work required skill and courage, qualities that the timber raftsmen, the Trifters, possessed in particular.

Today, traces of this bygone era have almost disappeared, but the legends and tales of hard labour and life in harmony with nature have remained alive in the Gleirschklamm gorge. A visit here is therefore not only an immersion in the beauty of nature, but also a tribute to the people and their stories that once shaped this gorge.


Important notes

  • The path through the gorge can be challenging in places. Sure-footedness and a head for heights are recommended.
  • The Gleirschklamm gorge is a protected nature reserve. Please do not leave any rubbish behind and respect the flora and fauna.
  • We recommend travelling to Scharnitz railway station by public transport. Your guest card is valid as a ticket for all public bus connections in the region (to Telfs and Mittenwald), including the train journey between Seefeld and Scharnitz.
  • From Scharnitz train station, it is only a 10-minute walk to the starting point at the Scharnitz Nature Park Information Centre.

Paths of discovery

Hiking in the Gleirschklamm gorge

Circular hiking trail Gleirschklamm


Hiking tour

Circular hike

Start Point: Scharnitz information centre

End Point: Scharnitz information centre

13,10 km

04:00 h

381 hm

1152 m


View Map

Hike through the Gleirschklamm to the Möslalm


Hiking tour

Hut hikes


Start Point: Scharnitz parking Länd

End Point: Scharnitz parking Länd

21,20 km

06:30 h

443 hm

440 hm

1261 m

View Map

Hike to the Solsteinhaus


Hiking tour

Hut hikes

Start Point: Scharnitz information centre (parking Länd P2)

End Point: Bahnhof Hochzirl

22,70 km

08:00 h

1045 hm

1798 m

View Map

Circular hike over Zäunlkopf & Oberbrunnalm alpine hut


Hiking tour

Circular hike

Start Point: Parkplatz Länd (P2)

End Point: Parkplatz Länd (P2)

17,80 km

06:45 h

867 hm

1744 m


View Map

Secure a unique gorge experience

Guided hike in the Gleirschklamm gorge

Through the Gleirsch gorge

Take a guided trip back in time on the loggers’ trail. In the 19th century, felled timber in the Karwendel was driven along the river to Scharnitz for processing and this walk traces part of the wood-cutting and log-driving route.

Next appointment: Wednesday, 05/22/2024

from€ 18,00

Moments of pleasure in nature

Refreshment stops around the Gleirschklamm gorge

Scharnitzer Alm


Scharnitzer Alm

Closed, opens at 12:00 PM



Closed, opens at 07:00 AM



Closed, opens at 09:00 AM



Open 24 Hours

Arrival & mobility

Get to Scharnitz by train

The regional railway & S-Bahn (Scharnitz - Gießenbach - Seefeld - Reith and back) operates daily. During your stay, the guest card is valid as a ticket for all public bus connections in the region (to Telfs and Mittenwald). It also includes the train journey between Seefeld and Scharnitz and the Wildmoosbus. From Scharnitz train station, it is only a 10-minute walk to the starting point at the Scharnitz Nature Park Information Centre. Detailed information is available in the corresponding tour descriptions.

Arrival from


Parking facilities for car drivers


Discover the history of wood utilisation in the heart of the Karwendel Nature Park

Museum "Holzerhütte"
The Museum "Holzerhütte", once a historic log cabin and accommodation for timber workers from the Gleirschtal valley in the Karwendel Nature Park, is located right next to the Scharnitz Nature Park Information Centre. Today, the traditional building serves as the setting for a multimedia exhibition. It sheds light on the history and current practices of timber utilisation, provides insights into the life of the lumberjacks at the time and informs visitors about the historical technique of logging in the Gleirschklamm gorge as well as the ecological importance and biodiversity of the local mountain forests.

Further voyages of discovery through the Karwendel

Guided tour in the Karwendel Nature Park

Nature Park and Karwendel Gorge

During the course of this walk, you can enjoy the fabulous scenic surroundings and learn about the rich biodiversity and other fascinating aspects of the Karwendel mountains.

Next appointment: Monday, 05/20/2024

from€ 18,00


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