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IML Unicorn March Day 3: Achen Walk

IML Unicorn March Day 3: Achen Walk


Starting point: ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch
Finishing point: ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch
Ascent315 m
Highest point1,172 m
Route distance20.0 km
Walking time / total05:15 hh:mm
Level of difficultyeasy

Elevation profile


The Achen Walk is twice as long as the Runst Walk but is still at an easy level of difficulty. The walk heads down towards Unterkirchen (Leutasch), where only a few kilometres separate us from the border crossing to Germany. The walk is named after the Leutascher Ache (‘stream’), which is the ’companion’ for half of the walk. The start and finished for the Achen Walk is at the ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch. The start time is also at 07.00.