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Bike & Hike Seefelder Spitze Summit, 2,220 m

Bike & Hike Seefelder Spitze Summit, 2,220 m


Starting point: Seefeld valley station Rosshütte
Finishing point: Seefeld valley station Rosshütte
Ascent1,094 m
Highest point2,220 m
Route distance8.5 km
Walking time / total03:45 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent03:45 hh:mm
Level of difficultydifficult

Elevation profile


Route: Rosshütte valley station – Rosshütte top station – Summit Seefelder Spitze – Reither Kar –
Reither Joch – Härmelekopf – Rosshütte valley station

Start the Bike & Hike tour at the Rosshütte valley station. Follow the trail to the Rosshütte and park your bike at the mountain station. From there hike south on wide grass hills and over a narrower ridge to the Seefelder Spitze summit at an altitude of 2,220 m. Now a challenging climb just to the right of the south ridge leads downhill in partly slightly scabby ground into a gap on the other side of the ridge and down to the "Törl" at 2,122m. Staying to the right, you come downhill to a fork in the path. Along the rocky foot to the left you come over some rocks to the Reither Joch. There you choose the path to the northwest and come diagonally through steep slopes down to the mountain station Härmelekopf at 2,034 m, from where you can take the gondola high above the Hermannstal back to the mountain station Rosshütte. Enjoy once again the fantastic panorama before you ride your bike back down to the valley.

Details for the entire tour:

  • Bike route nr. 5027: approx. 5 km, 500 hm uphill, 01:00 h, difficulty: difficult
  • Hike route: approx. 4 km, 600 hm uphill, 02:45 h, difficulty: medium
If the tour is exclusively hiked, it will take about 05:00 h. We recommend the uphill hike through the Hermannstal / Krummer Steig, along the Geological Nature Trail.

Alpine emergency call:
Call: 140


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