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Spirit Gorge

Adventure trail to the realm of the spirit of the Gorge

Everyone has heard of ghosts, goblins and gnomes. It’s said that they live where nature remains untamed. But only very few people have ever actually set eyes on such creatures...

At the very back of the Leutasch Spirit Gorge, as soon as you enter the forest, you can feel it – a strange, mysterious sensation –- for you have entered the realm of the gorge spirit who gets up to all sorts of mischief in his kingdom of raging, swirling floods, roaring cascades and bizarre rock formations. Intrepid walkers can look down from the path into the depths of his watery lair. The exit of the gorge, which is up to 75 metres deep in places, is where the gorge goblins and the water sprites live –- creatures of nature that you can only see when you leave the everyday world far behind you and immerse yourself in the shadowy world of the Spirit Gorge.

The realm of the gorge spirit can be explored along three different trails

The 3 km long Spirit Gorge Trail includes a lofty, 800 metre long walkway. At stops along the way, the gorge spirit divulges many secrets about his mysterious realm. The 1.9 km long Goblin Trail leads from the kiosk in Mittenwald, via the Gletscherschliff restaurant, into the gorge, and along this path it’s the turn of the goblins to tell you all about the stones and rocks you can see, and about the power of the glaciers that formed the gorge during the Ice Age. At the gorge exit near Mittenwald, the 200 metre long Waterfall Trail takes you deep, deep down into the Spirit Gorge before ending at a roaring waterfall with a 23 metre drop (admission fee).

The narrow gorge trail is unfortunately not suitable for strollers and dogs, you may not use bicycles on any section of the Geisterklamm trails between the Leutasch parking lot and Mittenwalder Klammkiosk. You should be free from giddiness in any case! We ask in the sense of a pleasurable Klammer life for the observance of these commandments.

Open daily with free admission from May to the end of October!


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