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07/18/24 - 07/25/24

A fantastic walking experience

The Leutasch Spirit Gorge

Infernal water and ghostly pools, witches cauldrons and devil’s water, a fantastical world of water and stone. Welcome to the kingdom of the Gorge Spirit and his friends!

“Everyone has heard of ghosts, goblins and gnomes. They live in the untouched natural world. But only a few have ever seen them....”

From summer 2023, the Spirit Gorge is sure to delight visitors of all ages with its new lay-out. There are four different routes, each offering a fun way to discover all about the gorge. There are exciting stories, lots of games and interesting facts, not to mention the whole experience of wandering between the rushing water and the picturesque forest backdrop.

Open 24 Hours
18.07.2024 - 31.10.2024
Monday - Sunday
All day

Spirit gorge

Schanz, 6105 Leutasch



Long and Short Gorge Circuits

The long circuit takes you 3.2 km through the spectacular gorge and alongside the river, the Leutascher Ache. As you go, the spirits tell you about the gorge and its plants and animals. An easier option is the barrier-free 500 m circuit with views of the crystal-clear stream.

About the Short Gorge Circuits

About the Long Gorge Circuits

Waterfall Trail and Access Point to Mittenwald

Another highlight is the waterfall trail. To get there, you can follow the Mittenwald route in both directions from the panorama bridge. Sturdy footwear is recommended, especially on these slightly steeper paths. At the gorge exit near Mittenwald, the 200-meter-long waterfall trail leads deep into the Leutasch spirit gorge and ends at the 23-meter-high waterfall (entrance fee required). The bus stop in Mittenwald at the railway station can be reached in about 30 minutes.

About the Hiking Tour

Useful information:

  • Open: May-October
  • We recommend public transport to the bus stop "Leutascher Geisterklamm" (your guest-card = your bus ticket)
  • Parking fee: car € 6,00 | bus € 20,00 (parking lot P19)
  • Not suitable for pushchairs and dogs (except for the small gorge circuit and part of the forest trail)
  • Head for heights & sturdy footwear essential
  • Bicycles not allowed between Leutasch parking lot and Mittenwald Klammkiosk
  • Public toilet available
Really diverse: your holiday in the Seefeld region - The Leutasch Spirit Gorge

Theme trail

The Legend of the Gorge Spirit

Since the beginning of time, the Gorge Spirit has lived in the Spirit Gorge. He knows every stone, every bird and every tiny piece of moss. He looks after everything and everyone and settles any arguments. At least that is how it was. Recently, the Gorge Spirit has just not felt like it. As his two friends, the nature spirits Flora and Einstein, heard this, they were dismayed.


Gorge Spirit

“I am the Gorge Spirit! I am made of the water that forms the rocks and shapes the valleys. Hard as ice, foaming like spray, I make sure that everything changes and yet stays the same as it always was.”



“I am made of stone from head to toe. Granite, phyllite and limestone. Even my heart is made of stone, but I love this gorge with a passion.”



“I am a creature that blooms and flourishes. I will wink at you from every tree and from every flower. I am so happy that you are here!”

Help us to convince the Gorge Spirit that he should stay with us because there is nowhere more beautiful than the Spirit Gorge.

Flora & Einstein

Flora & Einstein

Routes & Tours around the Spirit Gorge

Kinder bei Infotafel in der Geisterklamm.jpg


Short Gorge Trail (with theme path)


500 m


10 hm



Leutascher Geisterklamm von oben - Steg und Klamm - Luftaufnahme.jpg


Hike through the "Leutascher Geisterklamm" spirit gorge


5,00 km


02:30 h


200 hm


1059 hm



Steg entlang der Geisterklamm mit bewöltem Himmel.jpg


Long Gorge Trail (with theme path)


3,20 km


01:30 h


68 hm





Leutasch Spirit Gorge in the twilight

The atmosphere in the Geisterklamm gorge is particularly mystical in the twilight: if you enter the gorge in the early morning or at dusk, you will encounter ghostly patches of mist, dark grottos, cool ghostly winds and in some places even a quiet whispering in the rock. The large and small gorge circuits and the Mittenwald connecting circuit offer very different routes to experience the mysterious Geisterklamm gorge.

Spirit Gorge
… a unique walking experience through the kingdom of the Gorge spirit!

Construction & Remodeling of the Spirit Gorge

Photo Gallery
Since 2005, a steel trail leads through the gorge and offers visitors the opportunity to discover the breathtaking gorge. By summer 2023, the theme trail has also been redesigned.

360° tour through the Leutasch Spirit Gorge

simply arrive

Arrival to the Spirit Gorge

The Leutascher Spirit Gorge is very convenient and easy to reach, either by public transport or by car. In addition, it is also possible to combine the journey with a bicycle tour.

Konzept Busverbindung Grafik für Geisterklamm_Zeichenfläche 1