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Biketour - Adventure Ride

Two impressive laps combine here a unique adventure for ambitious gravel bikers.


Starting point: Leutasch Weidach
Finishing point: Leutasch Weidach
Ascent1,071 m
Highest point1,510 m
Route distance48.5 km
Level of difficultymedium
Driving time05:00 hh:mm

Elevation profile


Caution: The trail section between Bodenstraße in the direction of Bodenalm is currently closed due to forestry work.

Route: Weidachbrücke parking lot (P8) - Reindlau (campsite) - Burggraben/Gasthof Mühle - Schanz - Leutascher Geisterklamm - (border AUT/GER) - Gletscherschliff - (border GER/AUT) - Porta Claudia/Scharnitz - Giessenbach - Bodenstraße - Grünbödelehütte - Bauernwald - Waldgasthof Triendlsäge - turn off Wildmoos - Geiernest - Lehenwald - viewing platform Brunschkopf - Lottensee(hut) - Wildmoossee - Fludertal - Kreithalm/Katzenkopf Leutasch - Weidach - parking Weidachbrücke (P8)

Route descripiton:

The name keeps its promise: The Adventure Ride is a real adventure for gravel bikers. This round combines two of the most beautiful routes - the Arnspitzrunde and the Wildmoosrunde - to the ultimate gravel bike tour. There is a lot of gravel, fast asphalt, best views, three lakes, many kilometers along refreshing rivers and numerous opportunities to stop at rustic huts and sunny terraces. All this makes this round one of the most beautiful gravel bike tours in the Alps.

The starting point at the Leutasch Weidach Bridge can be reached particularly comfortably by regional public transport (Leutasch Weidach/Zentrum stop, bus with bike carrier from Seefeld), but car drivers will also find sufficient (chargeable) parking spaces at the adjacent parking lot (P8).

From the starting point there are then two options: Either on the finest asphalt through the villages and the Leutasch valley or on the wide gravel road along the turquoise-blue Leutascher Ache. At Reindlau, you will encounter the campsite on both routes and then pedal on (again, either on asphalt or gravel) to the cozy Gasthof Mühle in Burggraben. Of course, you can also enjoy a delicious snack here before continuing on asphalt via Schanz to the legendary Leutascher Geisterklamm gorge.

The small snack station at the entrance to the gorge first serves coffee and delicious cakes on request, before you then cross the border (AUT/GER). In Mittenwald you follow the forest path along the Isar river to Scharnitz (border GER/AUT).

At the entrance to Scharnitz, you pass the ruins of the imposing alpine fortress Porta Claudia and follow the road of the same name upstream to Gießenbach. Leave the small village casually on the left and then turn right at the small industrial complex onto the asphalted Bodenstraße. Follow this road only as far as the Grünbödelehütte junction (not managed) and turn left here through the forest. On the way, keep to the right at the first fork and after the subsequent bend, turn left again through the Bauernwald and in the direction of Seefeld to the Triendlsäge inn (freshly caught trout and legendary Kaiserschmarrn).

A delicious refreshment later you swing back into the saddle and follow the asphalt road further to the turnoff Wildmoos at the riding stable Seefeld. Here follows a comfortable but persistent uphill section to the Wildmoosalm, where the sun terrace and schnapps fountain are already waiting. A well-deserved reward later, at the Wildmoos bus stop, the trail enters the forest again and continues to the Geiernest turnoff. There turn left in the direction of Lehenwald and continue to the crossroads Möserer Höhe. Here, on warm summer days, a refreshing detour to the Möserer See lake is always recommended - otherwise, turn right at the fork and then immediately right again over the Möserer Höhe to the Brunschkopf viewing platform.

Once you have seen your fill of the spectacular alpine cinema (Zugspitze, Karwendelgebirge, Stubai Alps), you can roll back the way you came and then turn right at the fork and follow the forest path to the (aperiodic) Lottensee. Even if the rare natural phenomenon is not visible here, the cozy Lottensee hut rewards a detour with homemade refreshments in the shade of ancient trees.

Then back on the wide gravel path and shady through the forest, past the (also aperiodic) Wildmoossee and straight ahead towards Fludertal. Through the picturesque fauna and flora, follow the small valley downhill to the asphalted main road. Follow this to the left for a short distance, then immediately turn left again into the forest and descend to the Kreithalm at the Katzenkopf valley station. The last section of the trail leads comfortably through Leutasch to the starting point at the Weidachbrücke parking lot (P8).

Alpine emergency call:
Call: 140


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