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Eagle Walk Stage 16: Leutasch/Ahrn - Ehrwald

Eagle Walk Stage 16: Leutasch/Ahrn - Ehrwald


Starting point: Leutasch, Ahrn (1.094m)
Finishing point: Ehrwald (994m)
Ascent590 m
Highest point1,590 m
Route distance23.0 km
Walking time / total07:00 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent0:0 hh:mm
Level of difficultymedium

Elevation profile


Route: Leutasch - Ehrwald

Start off in Ahrn (a hamlet of the village of Leutasch) at the bridge over Leutascher Ache River on the left side of the river downstream, and take the footpath that heads towards “Weidach”. Shortly after, the path crosses to the right side of the river. Here, follow signage to “Unterweidach” and/or “Achweg Weidach”. Then, you continuously follow Leutascher Ache River on its right side downstream on Achenweg Trail until you reach Kalvarienberg Mountain at the entrance to Gaistal Valley. Cross the river on an iron footbridge, walk a few metres into the valley, cross to the right side of the river at the toll booth and continue on the path into the valley. Before you reach Salzbach Car Park, follow signage to “Almenparadies Gaistal” and cross the river again. Then, however, do not follow the path to the parking area but turn left before, taking the broad roadway into Gaistal Valley. After a few metres, branch off to the right and head onto “Ganghoferweg” Trail. This is a broad footpath that steeply ascends for a short while at the beginning. Thereafter, the route gently ascends through thinning forest and runs along meadows, passing below Hämmermoosalm Alpine Pasture Hut and heading towards the end of the valley (“Gaistalalm”, “Tillfussalm”). The path crosses Leitenbach Brook and descends a few metres down to Gaistalalm Alpine Pasture Hut which is the end of Ganghoferweg Trail. After your stop-off at the hut, continue in the same direction across Alpine pastures until you reach Tillfussalm Alpine Pasture Hut. Soon, the footpath changes into a singletrack trail. It enters into the forest and slightly ascends. Then it descends very gently down to Tillfussalm Alpine Pasture Hut.

Trailside Eateries: Gaistalalm Alpine Pasture Hut, Gaistaler Hof, Tillfussalm Alpine Pasture Hut

From there, continue westward on the broad valley path, running parallel to Leutascher Ache River and Gaistalbach Creek. At the fork, walk straight ahead following signage to “Ehrwalder Alm über Igelsee”. The route runs between Mieming Mountains on the left and Wetterstein Mountain Range on the right with peaks that are becoming more and more striking as you hike on. Altogether, the path gently ascends and leads to Igelsee Lake past a tiny knob. Behind the lake, bear right at the fork and follow the steep path up to an elevation of 1,600 metres (here, the path from Pest Chapel joins in). Follow the forest road down to Ehrwalder Alm Alpine Pasture Hut and to the top of Ehrwalder Alm Gondola.

Trailside Eateries: Ehrwalder Alm Alpine Pasture Hut

Below Ehrwalder Alm Alpine Pasture Hut, the signed (“Wiesenweg nach Ehrwald”) meadow path to Ehrwald starts. First, it leads across the ski resort. At the fork, go straight ahead, then bear right and proceed on a steep portion through the forest. Thereafter, the footpath leads across marvellous mountain meadows and pastures over to the base of Ehrwalder Alm Gondola. From there, you get to Ehrwald either on the access road or on Altmühlensteig Trail, which starts a few metres southwest of the base on the left side of Geißbach Creek downstream.


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