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Hike to the Solsteinhaus

Hike to the Solsteinhaus


Starting point: Scharnitz information centre (parking Länd P2)
Finishing point: Bahnhof Hochzirl
Ascent1,045 m
Highest point1,798 m
Route distance22.7 km
Walking time / total08:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent06:00 hh:mm
Level of difficultymedium

Elevation profile


Route: Scharnitz Nature Park Info Center - Gleirschhöhe - Gleirschtal - Kristenalm - Solsteinhaus - Solnalm - Hochzirl train station - Scharnitz

From the Nature Park Info Center Scharnitz follow the Hinterautalstraße to the Gleirschhöhe. Then hike to the right into the Gleirschtal valley. The forest road first leads downwards, before the way starts to be steeply upwards over the so-called "Krapfen". Stay on this forest road further into the valley until you reach the Kristenalm junction. If you have time and want to, you can make a short stop here before continuing along the forest road until you cross a stream. Cross the stream and after 20 m turn right and follow the signs to the Solsteinhaus via a narrow path. The trail first leads through forest, a gravel road and further through a mountain pine slope to the Solsteinhaus. From the Solsteinhaus follow trail no. 213 in the direction of Hochzirl, past the Solnalm and on through the Brunntal valley to Hochzirl. From Hochzirl train station take the train back to Scharnitz.